marvellous sound and a remarkable musicianship

RITMO, Musica Clàsica, CD review Ritmo Parada
Jan 2016

The CD closes with a good version for guitar and orchestra, realized by Denoth himself, of the beautiful „Serenata Española“ by the catalan Joaquín Malats (1872-1912), a piano work (originally with orchestra!) whichs popularity strangely declined in the last times. Palomo’s composition, with folkloric roots skillfully dressed with a modern language and a splendid orchestration, is an important contribution to the limited repertoire of guitar and orchestra. It’s a programme to follow with highest pleasure, if we add that the sound recording is excellent and that the interpretations of the guitarist of Basel, who possesses a marvellous sound and a remarkable musicianship, show perfectly its expertise and lean on the full professionality of the baton.            
Ángel Carrascosa Almazán

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